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The basic idea in TeaDict is to learn from the Mother Nature and ancient Chinese philosophy. 『 Not over use or over rely on chemistry, try to make everything simple 』is the core rule to develop and manufacture our products. 『 Golden Ratio 』is the top principle to design and produce all our products. People can absorb, use, and digest those beneficial properties from herbs and nature ingredients efficiently and directly. 『 Nature, Purity, Health, and Beauty 』products are the main purpose we provide to our customer, because we believe『 Good from nature is also good for people 』.

TeaDict Tea


TeaDict. Flower Herbal Teas include natural flowers, herbs, and world-famous fine selected Taiwan High Mountain Tea.

TeaDict HFJ Ultra Skin Care

HFJ Ultra Skin Care

The formula specifically created to stimulate the nature of skin’s mechanism: Protection, Defense, and Recovery.

TeaDict Herbal Skin Care Series

Herbal Skin Care Series

The healthy skin is always having a perfect balance between oil and water and is always shining brightly. How to build up a perfect and healthy facial skin? TeaDict. teams take care your skin more than you think. So, we develop a series of facial masks.

TeaDict Pig Placenta Extract

Pig Placenta Extract

TeaDict. has a family-owned big modern pig farm. There is total more than 20,000 pigs in the farm. The farm has passed Taiwan government the Council of Agriculture’s “Tracking System” and become one of the members of TGAP.

TeaDict Health Food

Health Food

Dr. Chen’s Selection Series and

Functional Herbs & Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs Products Formula Design and Product Manufacturing